How to Write Your Own Press Releases

Writing your own press releases for your business may sound frightening but it really isn’t.  A press release isn’t that complicated, it only consists of a few parts:

  1. Compelling Headline
  2. Opening Sentence
  3. Body of the Article (the story you want to tell)
  4. Your Contact Information

If you break it down into manageable chunks then the whole thing really doesn’t seem that bad does it?  If you’re still skeptical then let us show you how to write your own press releases.

Purpose of a Press Release

Tons of businesses use Press Releases as a way to enhance their SEO efforts but a good press release is more than that.  At the same time it is not a place where you list the features and benefits of your products.  You are not here to pitch something rather they are where you officially announce something new or significant about your business.  Have you opened new offices or hired a new CFO then those are worthy of a Press Release.  Press releases are where you talk about you yet you still need to stick to the facts.

The Headline

The headline needs to be short and catchy and attract attention.  This is the most important part of the whole thing and where you should spend the most time.  If your headline sucks no one is going to read the rest.  A good headline does more than attract attention it also makes the reader think.  A headline really isn’t that different from a really clever tweet. Here is some help writing a good headline.

Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph needs to provide a short but compelling summary of what your press release is all about.  Some words of caution, don’t repeat yourself, don’t just regurgitate your headline, you will do your business more harm than good.

The Body

The body is where you tell your story.  You can elaborate on your headline and opening paragraphs but at the same time you want your writing style to be clear and concise, especially if your business is in technology or science.  Use data to back up your claims, answer questions that potential customers may have and paint a picture for the reader. Make the body of your article compelling and something that you yourself would want to read.

Lastly you need to include your contact information.  If someone is intrigued by your press release and is eager to learn more then there has to be a way to contact your company.  Writing press release isn’t complicated, that being said it isn’t easy so take your time or hire a good PR company to do the writing for you.

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Do Press Releases Still Matter

Press releases may sound like something only Fortune 500 businesses use to promote their business but that isn’t the case.  You may be under the impression that they are a bit old fashioned in today’s world of social media and viral content but they still have a place in your marketing strategy.  Press releases need to be used strategically and they need to cover something newsworthy.  Let’s have a look at how press releases can help promote your business.

Getting Traffic

Press releases help boost your SEO efforts.  Search engine optimization helps get your business in front of the people that are searching for your products and services.  SEO service providers strategically use press releases to help your business rank for important keywords.  These keywords are included in the body of your press release to help search engines find and rank your business. The higher your business ranks the more traffic your sites get.

Building Your Brand

Having your business mentioned in Google News or on Yahoo helps to build and establish your brand.  It gives you authority in your space like very few other mediums can.  You can use your press release in other marketing materials to help establish your credibility with potential new customers.  If you have ever clicked on a site and saw the “As Seen on”  along with links to big news sites then that is the power of press releases.

Grow You Reach

Most businesses rely on just one channel or platform to advertise their business, for example they may strictly use AdWords or Facebook ads to promote their products and services.  The definitely can give you a great return on your advertising dollars but they aren’t the only advertising medium out there or even online.

Reputation Management

Fortune 500 businesses have used press releases for decades to respond to controversy.  This is your opportunity to set the records straight in your own words with no spin.  You can do the same; press releases are a great way to manage your online reputation. Even if you’re not dealing with any type of negative feedback on your business this is still one of the best ways to emphasize the positives that are going on.

There are plenty of reasons why press releases are still relevant, even in today’s digital world.  If you are working with a marketing company then they should be making press release a part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

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