5 Reasons you should hire a PR Company

Silence is golden they say. That might be true if you are huddled down in a library ( do people still go to libraries ? ) but it nobody is talking about your company then it is as good as dead.  Companies need people talking about them.

Advertising can get a conversation ( at a  huge cost ) going but this is nothing compared to the value an independently verified editorial can bring to the company, they positively drip with credibility and often cost far less than messages created through advertising alone.. 

So if you are considering hiring a pr firm but are still on the fence about it here a 5 good reasons to get off that fence so you can hire a PR company

1. Your competitors already have.

Our world has never been more brand driven. Consumers do not just want products they want brands that match their values. You see you competitors in the media demonstrating those values and so attracting new customers ,they are on top of their PR and you are not.

Barbara Corcoran, is often head saying  , if you are not  being quoted in the press, you’re losing market share by losing limelight.” It’s that simple. 

2. Building brand recognition.

If you are in business for the long haul then you need to build your brand, this is a marathon not a sprint, It can takes years so get cracking as early as possible. Building a brand that reflects the correct values is like compound interest, the return grows and grows over time.

PR dose not exist in a bubble, it works with other elements of your marketing strategy such as social media , email marketing or events.  This is how you make your brand grow. You judge the success of this over years.

3. Stay relevant.

Here today gone tomorrow. Do not let this happen to you, PR as we stated is a marathon, an ongoing practice.  If you take your foot of the pedal some other company will take you place , the conversation will move on and it will not be about you. Remember Silence is Not Golden.

4. Bridge the language with journalists.

Lets be honest , journalists and editors are a funny bunch who have a language all of their own.  Copy is their life blood. You need somebody who understands how to take your message and write it in a way that appeals to them.

The editor floors are covered with press releases etc written by people who had a great message but had no clue how to put it down on paper in a way that met the needs of the journalist or editor they wanted to publicise it.  So be honest , can you write, if not get a professional to do it.

5. Increase your ROI.

What is a good return for you, is it more traffic to your web site, more sales or more referrals. Regardless what it is you will get a better ROI if you have good PR company working for you.

Be careful how you measure ROI, it is often said getting to the top is one thing but staying there is a whole load more work. The same is true of your ROI. Now that a pr company has achieved you initial goals you need to keep up the PR work so that you do not retreat from the success you have achieved.


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