Press releases & SEO

Press releases can make a significant contribution to your Search Engine Optimisation strategy.  Search Engine Optimisation is where you execute strategies to help you content get found in Google search results.

A big part of SEO strategy is to get lots of back-links to your site.  Press releases can help this in two ways

  • News Media sites tend to have lots of credibility with Google so links from them carry a lot of authority with Google
  • There are lots of outlets for press releases so you not only get quality back-links to your site your also get quantity.

keywords Research & Press Releases

You need to ensure you have done your research before writing your press release. Once you know what keywords you are targeting you can then add them to your press release. Next you must link that text to the page on your web site you have optimised for that keyword.

Some places will not allow you to have links in your press release copy, if not all will at the least allow you to link to your web site using your company url or company name. This too is very useful.

Press Release Format

While writing your press release don’t forget it will be viewed on-line, do it as if you are creating a wegb page.  Write short sentences and paragraphs, and use formatting like headings, bold,& italics. Be aware of how it will appear in an e-mail message, or familiarize yourself with the looks of good press releases on wire service websites.

Submit the story to a wire service

Now that your press release is created, you can get it indexed by search engines by submitting it to a wire service. Some wire services include Business WireMarketwireGlobeNewswirePR Newswire, and PRWeb. These services also allow you to browse press releases – observe what formatting and content works best in your eyes.

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